Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aussies & the Amazon

A family from Australia is enjoying the book...

& you can follow the workings, wanderings and wonderings of a modern Catholic family Down Under:    http://blissfule.me/

Thank you, Elisa!!

& a new review on Amazon:

Format: Hardcover
Illustrated and written by a convert to Catholicism like myself, this colourful book is an engaging look at the
architecture, variety, and symbolism incorporated in all aspects and types of Catholic church buildings.
From the very first reading it got my young children asking interested questions I couldn't answer. What does
this serpent mean? What is an apse? We will be finding out, and that's great because I simply fall deeper in
love with the Church the more I discover about her.

Thank you to Stefan for creating a beautiful book about buildings that are all-too-often either misunderstood
or simply taken for granted

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